Understanding Elixir MacrosExternal Link

Understanding Macros is one of the most difficult topics in my opinion when jumping in with this beautiful programming language, in this post I pretend to explain the most basic concepts about meta programming with Elixir.

What’s the HMAC algorithm?External Link

When working with secure data we will step out with some hashing algorithms that can make our transfers a little bit more secure, HMAC is one of the most popular algorithms for doing that.

String HashingExternal Link

Powerful algorithm that will help you in interviews with String manipulations.

Everything you need to know about Binary Search algorithmExternal Link

Binary search sometimes can be more useful than linear search, let’s dive into this algorithm and see what we can do with it.

Big O Notation and Time ComplexityExternal Link

Understand the difference between time complexity and Big O Notation and see some basic examples.

How to setup Sass with WebpackExternal Link

Sass is one of the most popular CSS extensions. This post will teach you how to integrate that with Webpack. We will cover and explain several loaders that you will need in order to achieve this task.

How to configure webpack-dev-server within a React applicationExternal Link

The webpack-dev-server is a little Node.js Express server, which uses the webpack-dev-middleware to serve a webpack bundle.

How to configure a React application with Webpack & BabelExternal Link

If you are or you want to be a React developer, webpack is a must technology you will need to learn, this post will try to explain the basics of this ‘complex’ technology.